How to Grow Mushrooms At Home – What You Need To Know

Yes, you can grow your own mushrooms at home with just a little effort and some knowledge. There is a difference between growing mushrooms industrially and growing them at home.

The method used grow them at home will vary from person to person based upon their capabilities and their needs.


The first thing you should consider about growing mushrooms is the allocated space you have available for mushroom cultivation. You can use a free utility room, shed, basement or even a garage. If you don’t have the space inside you can also grow mushrooms outdoors. Canada Mushrooms To grow mushrooms outdoors you would need to utilize stumps or logs.

Log Cultivation

A hardwood log about 3 feet in length and 6-10 inches in diameter will be needed for log cultivation. The log is required to be sufficiently moist. Often you will need to place the log in a container of water for 2-3 days to obtain enough moisture. Using a chisel or drill you will need to place holes in the upper portion of the log. These holes will be used to place the mycelium into the log. The holes can then be stuffed with sunflower husks or sawdust. The log will need to be placed in a warm, dark, moist place to allow for germination of the mycelium.

If you are cultivating your mushrooms outdoors you can dig a ground foundation and perhaps cover with plastic film. The fungi usually grow quickly. After the fungi have appeared you will harvest the flush of fungi. The mycelium should be left to rest for about 10 days. Another flush will appear.

With just a little guidance you can enjoy mushroom farming right at home. Some mushrooms are easier to grow at home than others.

Another thing that is most common of the entire mushroom grow box is its size that fits all spaces. During winter months, you can always have the mushroom cultured in inside your home. Aside from that, this is so applicable in all other parts of your home where you can view its natural growth in the much little space provided for it. In some cases, mushrooms are already provided on the box so you only have to check the temperature on the box itself for proper growing. Most of the time, magic mushrooms are planted on these boxes since they appear less likely small than other types. In addition to that, the mushroom grow box has its own particular size that is fit for all types. Few of interesting facts is that it can easily grow within weeks and can gather 250 to 350 pieces of magic mushroom (only for these type). Look also for soil’s pH level so that mushrooms will grow independently on boxes. Somehow, the casing of box is already provided so that soil will make its humid effect to turn more mushrooms on the grow box. A tip for you: the grow box can also be placed in your refrigerator so that the humid of the soil will boost into natural effectiveness and your mushrooms can be cultured efficiently.

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