Update Windows Drivers – How To Perform A Driver Update?

Trying to update your Windows drivers? I recommend keeping in a good-habit of updating your driver devices regularly as it can aid your hardware performance greatly, but how to do it? It’s a constant debate between 3rd party solutions, such as Driver CheckerĀ© and the Windows software option to which can perform the most efficiently for the end user. In this article I’ll take you through how to perform the Windows solution and a comparison between 3rd party options and Windows.

Driver Update Software comparison

Comparing the new Windows 7 OS with the ones prior, Windows 7 is the easiest to maintain your drivers with many additional improvements made. The OS is far more feature rich and notably Windows Update was greatly improved. Apart from the traditional system updates you can now perform a search and update task automatically for all your drivers. Time saving indeed!

Follow the short tutorial below to perform a driver update using Windows Update:

Make Amendments

After your system completes its scan you should be able to see, if any, the updates and/or errors requiring your attention. Getintopc Select the necessary drivers you want to amend and select Install Updates.

Restart Your System

After the amendments have been successfully completed, restart your computer.

Windows Update Shortfalls

Ok, you now have updated all your drivers. Technically you have done the job, but have you done it to it’s best and how long did the task take to complete? Although the program has been improved the user still has to manually look for driver updates and it’s not the easiest of software to use for the average person. Most importantly is the time it takes to complete the task. As it’s not specified product for the job it can’t compete with the efficiency of a downloadable dedicated piece of 3rd party software. If you numerous drivers you would need a piece of software with fast access to a large database of all available driver updates. Furthermore Windows Update can be sloppy in gaining access to the latest updates made available by the manufactures, in some cases taking weeks to make that update available for download.

So whether efficiency or update availability is your issue a 3rd party software solution seems to come out on top. If you’re not so bothered about the above just follow the tutorial above to complete your driver updates.

Key Features Found On Quality Software

Access to a large database of available updates for almost all drivers available.

Do not allow you click one button to do it all for you. For driver updates you need to be cautious in which you update and how you go about it. You should be given the option to see the results of the scan and decide for yourself if you want to amend.

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